Prototype Build v0.09

There’ve been alterations made to some of the VFX, plus there’s a new one for attacks you manage to dodge by jumping! Gamepad vibrations now happen when you take damage, and are much smaller while blocking.

Healing system now a thing! You’ll begin with 1 health refill which takes you back up to 100%. Be careful when you use it, as the refill is not instant and taking damage (when not blocking) will stop it and you won’t get the full benefit.

When taking a hit while not blocking, the screen shakes! Only if you’re a little bit into the level though, I’ll have to keep that in mind.

Stuff fixed:

When the projectiles shoot offscreen they disappear completely (as opposed to just staying offscreen). This should help with performance.

There’s now adjustable jump height when using a gamepad. No idea how I managed to miss that until now.

Animations for getting hit shouldn’t occasionally cut off early now.


Eureka Flash Prototype v0.09 5 MB
Mar 11, 2018

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