Prototype Build v0.04

Implementing some more defensive options for the player. Without even having an enemy to try it on… hmm…

Anyway, you can now jump, block and parry. What’s left is dodging which should be a little harder to include with what I want to do with it. Blocking can be held whereas parrying is only active for a 1/6 of a second at the moment. Will get into more of the differences between the four defensive options in a future post.

Stuff fixed:

-Inbetween sprite appears when transitioning from falling to running (I really shouldn’t be getting this much mileage from this one sprite).

-Falling animation doesn’t reset when you release either the left or right arrow key midair (I think, I’m not sure if I tested this enough).


Eureka Flash Prototype v0.04 5 MB
Jan 31, 2018

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