Prototype Build v0.06

There’s now somewhat of a health and energy system! Blocking and parrying reduces energy, waiting recharges it. Blocking has initially smaller energy cost but the longer you hold it, the cost will stack up. Parrying costs more energy and is more risky but time it perfectly and the energy you spent is immediately restored. There is a delay to the energy recharge after either blocking or parrying to prevent spamming.

Blocking merely reduces incoming damage but parrying negates it. Lose enough health and the prototype restarts.

Gamepad support is now a thing! Press Ctrl to switch input method and Back/Select to switch back. Control interface should change to reflect the current input method.

Stuff fixed:

-Blocking and parrying only works if you’re facing the incoming attack

-Jumping over a green platform doesn’t switch to the idle animation for a split second anymore


Eureka Flash Prototype v0.06 5 MB
Feb 08, 2018

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