Prototype Build v0.08

UI elements! I’ve removed the boring text at the side if the information they show is now part of the UI. This includes health, energy and what the face buttons do. A message appears at the bottom when you have less than 20% health left.

I’ve changed the key to switch the input method to Alt, since I plan to have Ctrl be the quick weapon switch key. Alt will now be used for when either keyboard or gamepad is the current input method. I realised that if the player doesn’t have a gamepad and accidentally pressed the change input method key, there would be no way for them to change it back!

Don’t mind that ‘0’ next to the health bar, that’s something for next update. Also that thing listed as 'Assist’.

Stuff fixed:

Text doesn’t turn black when the game resets.

Hopefully there is no longer a way to crash the game. That’s all I’ll say on that.


Eureka Flash Prototype v0.08 5 MB
Feb 27, 2018

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