Prototype Build v0.01

So for this build it’s just a tiny room where you can make Eureka run and jump. That’s it. It’s called v0.01 for a reason. Even with what little there is, there’s still a few problems with it. Will be fixed in the next couple of builds - this is just the bare minimum of what I’ll call a “playable state”.

The basis for the game is building on top of a movement engine made by HeartBeast, who makes a lot of tutorials on GameMaker. The main reason for using it for the player to be able to run up and down slopes as opposed to just horizontal platforms. It might sound basic, but I have no idea how to code that myself.

That, the basic the platforming actions and wall/floor collisions is what comes with the movement engine - from here on out most of the code is from scratch. Meaning it’ll be messy as hell.


Eureka Flash Prototype v0.01 2 MB
Jan 31, 2018

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